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As an architect and set designer Jan Strobbe created a several of set designs on location and theaters in Belgium.
His designs for Snowball and HARTEKOP (location project), were selected and presented in September on the exhibition of WSD 2013 in Cardiff UK.
In his set designs he tries to substantiate the underlying themes of the story.
These themes are being transformed in images, atmospheres or adjusted spaces and they enhance the experience of the observer and the actor.
in order of appearance Snowball, HARTEKOP, B=A in Bubbles, HARD HART, PEER GYNT, Eternal Snow, The Elephant's Journey, Lits Jumeaux, de marcellini's, Coupure, Alle man, U bent mijn moeder, The Leenane Trilogie, Maria Vaart, ...


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status Locatie
realistatie opp
klant e-peil

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